What Happens to Insects in Winter

Watching a worm crawl across a window on a recent rainy (not so wintery) winter day, my 6-year-old asked me how worms stay alive in the winter.  Thanks to the article below, written by volunteer Jean Ives about insects in winter, I was able to answer her!  I’m sure you will find her research as interesting as I did (and thank you, Jean!  You saved me from the unsatisfied curiosity of a 6-year-old, which can be as tough to weather as any winter storm!).

~Jill Johnson

How Do Insects Survive the Winter? (Jean Ives)

When the weather turns chillier in the fall and then downright cold in the winter (not so much so far this winter), did you ever wonder what happens to all the insects that delight and sometimes annoy us in warmer weather? Just like humans, insects depend on shelter to survive the winter.

Many insects, either in the form of adults or eggs, rest in a protected place over the winter. Technically, the term hibernation does not apply to insects. Instead, they go into a state called diapause, which is a dormant state that allows them to withstand cold temperatures. Enjoy this information about a few of them.

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