Repairing The Natural Web in Plainfield

There’s been a 6 acre gap in the DuPage River Trail, where it has to circumvent private property sitting between two Plainfield Park District properties along the DuPage River.  But the purchase of our latest land preservation project in partnership with the Park District has closed the gap in between two parks.


The story here is one of connection, preserving and filling in the river corridor in the lower DuPage River.   This connection makes four total contiguous park district properties, now totalling almost 57 acres of preserved open space.  The landowner of 37 years battled flooding of his home several times with the property largely in the floodplain, so with this transaction he’s been able to move into a less worrisome situation, and users of the DuPage River Trail will be able to enjoy a more direct ride along the scenic DuPage River.  Continuation of the bike trail is front and center in future plans for this property!


Protecting land along rivers and streams is one of the tenets of our land program, in order to improve the quality of the water around us.  Being able to help Plainfield Township Park District in this way helps them achieve their mission as well as ours, while making the water around us cleaner and healthier for all of us.

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