Getting Started/Getting Certified
Getting Started/Getting Certified

Landowners that practice good environmental stewardship and conservation of local resources are the heart of Conservation@Home. 
We award each Conservation@Home property a sign, identifying its certification as a wildlife haven and environmentally friendly landscape. Whether it's creating a butterfly or rain garden with native plants, using organic fertilizers and pesticides, or removing invasive vegetation, every little action we accomplish on our own properties works toward our greater goal of cleaning up our water, providing natural habitat and creating healthy landscapes for people and wildlife.

Steps to Certification:

1. If you are interested in making your property a Conservation@Home certified landscape, contact Jim Kleinwachter at The Conservation Foundation for more information at 630-428-4500, Ext. 115 or email him.

2. TCF staff will conduct an initial survey over the phone, based on the Conservation@Home Certification Criteria Checklist. This checklist can be downloaded here and helps pre-determine qualification.

3. Participants with strong qualifications are encouraged to set up a visit with a staff member. Those wanting information or advice on how they may get involved or improve their property will receive appropriate literature by mail.

4. Qualified homeowners will have the opportunity to get a yard sign signifying their participation in the program and environmentally friendly landscape. The requested donation for the program is $25.00 for current members of The Conservation Foundation. For non-members, a $50.00 donation will award participation in the Conservation@Home program and includes a one-year membership to The Conservation Foundation.


Need professional help?  Visit our Conservation@Home Guide to Professional Resources.