New Donations Matched 2 to 1 in 2015 by Hamill Family Foundation

When you make the decision to support a charitable organization like The Conservation Foundation, you know you are contributing to a better quality of life for yourself, your family, and people you don’t even know.  It just feels good.  

Imagine that good feeling times three.
2015 is the year of tripling your good feelings, as an extraordinary family has stepped forward to triple all new donations to The Conservation Foundation this year.
The legacy of the late Corwith "Corky" Hamill and the generosity of his children will allow donor contributions to work three times as hard for nature in your neighborhood in 2015.
As part of their extraordinary $1.5 million gift to The Conservation Foundation, announced this past fall, the Hamill Family Foundation is offering a 2 to 1 match of all new donor dollars in 2015 up to $250,000.  If we are able to raise $250,000 in new money this year, they will give us $500,000, effectively tripling new donations received.
Nancy Hamill Winter, Betsy Bramsen and Jonathan Hamill are carrying forward their parents’ passion for protecting wilderness areas and promoting stewardship of the environment through this exceedingly generous support of The Conservation Foundation.  The money raised will allow us to expand and deepen our conservation efforts in the communities we serve, and intensify our focus on preserving land along the Fox River.
With your help, we can rise to this challenge.  If you are not a member of The Conservation Foundation, this is the year to join!  Your membership gift will have triple the already-vital impact it would have in any other year.
Become a Member Now!

If you ARE already a member, any additional contributions over your yearly membership gift will count toward the match and will also be tripled. 

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We can’t begin to thank the Hamill Family for putting their faith and trust in The Conservation Foundation.  

We feel a deep responsibility to be good stewards of this gift and make it have a profound impact on the people and natural areas of northern Illinois.
Thank you for your support of this awesome opportunity!


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