Let Nature Unite Us!

Injustice is not a new issue, and as we navigate through these disturbing times in our society, we know we have to work harder as an organization to reflect the rich diversity of the region we serve. For nearly 50 years, The Conservation Foundation has been committed to preserving open space and to the belief that everyone deserves to have equal access to Nature and its remarkable healing powers. We are elevating our efforts regarding inclusion and diversity in all of its forms, and we stand against racism and discrimination of any kind.  

Let’s all seek peace and unity in nature.

In June 2018, our Board of Trustees approved the following as a priority in our organization:
The Conservation Foundation will strive to be diverse and inclusive throughout the organization in order to stay relevant, effective, open to new and different perspectives, sensitive to the needs of the communities we serve, and able to develop and remain leaders in conservation into the future.

Here are a few actions we have recently taken:

  • We have been focusing on getting younger and more diverse people involved in our mission by creating a Next Generation Advisory Council to help develop our future leadership.
  • We have been implementing youth education programs in culturally diverse and under-served communities for more than 20 years.
  • For years, children from diverse communities have visited our McDonald Farm in Naperville to see a real working farm and learn about how food is grown.
  • Our Board of Trustees has established a priority of seeking people of color and diverse backgrounds to be part of our leadership.
  • Both staff and board have participated in diversity and inclusion training to help us better understand and manage our cultural biases.

We know we need to do more, and we will.  We want to hear from members of our communities about how we can continue to improve.  Please feel free to email us at info@theconservationfoundation.org with your ideas!

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