Green Earth

We grow healthy.

The Conservation Foundation’s Green Earth Harvest program is devoted to healthy soil, healthy vegetables, healthy people, and healthy communities.  Our Green Earth Harvest farm crew works tirelessly to sustainably farm the agricultural land at our McDonald Farm headquarters in Naperville and produce healthy organic vegetables for the community. Read more about our farm and our farmshare program below!

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About green earth harvest

Green Earth Harvest uses the shareholder approach as one of the main methods of selling the produce we grow at McDonald Farm. Through this model, members of the community purchase a “share” of the anticipated harvest and make payment in advance at an agreed price. In exchange, we plant, cultivate, harvest, wash and distribute a bountiful selection of organic vegetables and herbs. Ultimately this leads to a partnership among the farmers and the community, through the production, distribution and consumption of locally grown food. We are proud to say that the 2022 season is the 20th year of our shareholder program! Occasionally, we hold pop up sales or sell to restaurants to support the Green Earth Harvest program, but our shareholders are our main lifeblood!


Through our farmshare model, members of the community purchase a “share” of the farm’s anticipated harvest in advance of the season and become “shareholders”. In exchange, we plant, cultivate, harvest and distribute a bountiful selection of organic vegetables and herbs.  2022 will be the 20th year of our farmshare program!

Farm Experience

We offer shareholders a unique opportunity to experience a real working farm right here in Naperville! Throughout the summer, there are many opportunities to connect with the farm such as u-pick days (strawberries, peas, green beans and cherry tomatoes) along with Pizza Nights on the Farm and summer camps!

community partners

In addition to being a program of The Conservation Foundation, we partner with other nonprofits and local farms to bring our communities together. During our growing season, we typically donate ~4500 pounds of produce to Loaves and Fishes- a local food pantry supporting those in need.  Please let us know if you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you!


We are proud to say that our crops are USDA certified organic. Our farming practices meet the strict standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). Annually, our farm undergoes a rigorous certification renewal process which involves detailed documentation of our field plans, pest mitigation, sources for seeds (and other inputs) and produce handling processes. We also practice crop rotation, plant cover crops,  utilize natural inputs to nurture the soil and don’t use any chemical fertilizers to help ensure the highest quality of soil fertility possible, giving you highly nutritious veggies!


The Conservation Foundation’s Green Earth Harvest program is an all-organic farming operation which provides local, healthy, organic vegetables to the community through the sale of “shares”. When you become a Green Earth Harvest shareholder, you are essentially purchasing a portion of the anticipated harvest.  You’ll come to McDonald Farm in Naperville (or one of our off-farm pickup sites) every week or every other week to pick up your produce.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to our work. Organic farming is labor-intensive and from March through November there are lots of opportunities to help with planting, transplanting, cultivating, harvesting, and post-harvest washing. Helping at the farm can be a way to learn about farming and gardening as well as meet others who share a concern about nutrition, health, and sustainability. No experience necessary!

our Recipe collection

Wondering how to use your fresh produce? We’ve got some ideas! You’ll find background information, storage and preparation tips, along with a whole catalog of recipes we’ve collected over the years!