Summer Camps

summer camps

Summer Camp registration is now open! We offer unique, small group camp experiences at two different locations, McDonald Farm in Naperville and Dickson-Murst Farm in Montgomery.

Nature On The Farm Camps, Naperville

Our half-day Nature on the Farm Camps at the McDonald Farm in South Naperville will provide your child the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while exploring a unique oasis of green in the middle of the suburbs. Explore our native prairie, woodland and pond habitats as well as learn to grow healthy, organic food at our Green Earth Harvest organic farm. Through nature exploration, gardening, games, activities, and crafts, children will experience and learn from nature. Camps are attuned to what is growing and thriving at our farm during the time they are held! Enjoy a themed, nut-free healthy snack provided each day.

Each week has a unique theme with activities in conservation, nature exploration and gardening – and of course fresh air, sunshine and fun with friends! Camps sell out quickly, so this is a great time to sign up early and receive a discount!

McDonald Farm Summer Camps are half-day, week-long enrichment programs open to children entering grades 1st – 6th (current kindergarten through 5th graders). Each week has a unique theme with activities in conservation, nature exploration and gardening – and of course fresh air, sunshine and fun with friends! Camps sell out quickly, so sign up early and take advantage of the discount!


Early Elementary Camps (Entering Grades 1 – 3)

June 13-17: Outdoor Art Explorers. Get inspired at the McDonald Farm! Explore our local habitats for artistic inspiration and create paintings, sculpture, and collage using materials provided by nature. Kids will also explore the culinary arts by creating unique snacks with produce from the garden.

July 18-22: Butterflies, Bees, Birds, & Bats. This week is all about pollinators! Use nets to catch insects, investigate birds’ nests, plant flowers, and even meet a chicken! Learn about the interdependent relationship pollinators have with plants and other animals as well as their importance to the food we eat.

August 1-5: Storytellers. Throughout history, humans have used stories to teach kids about the world around them and their place in it. Each day, we will read, sing and act out a different story about the diversity of life on the farm and the world around us. 


Late Elementary Camps (Entering 4-6)

June 20-24: Eco Explorers (It’s Not Easy Being Green). Calling all environmentalists! Are you interested in helping the planet and want to learn how? Engage in conservation stewardship, geocaching, renewable energy experiments, and organic agriculture while participating in daily and weekly eco challenges. It’s FUN to be green!

July 25-29: Animal Architects. Calling all designers! Explore the intricate homes and habitats local animals create from bird nests to spider webs. What function do the structures serve and what patterns emerge? How can we learn from them to create our own unique shelters? And how can we learn from nature to make the world a better place for all creatures great and small?

Please contact Amy Phillips at or call  630-428-4500 ext. 113 with questions!

Farm Camp at the Dickson-Murst Farm, Montgomery

June 27-July 1: Learning from History to Protect the Future

Weather impacts us all – from rain and drought to storms and sunshine, the weather is a factor in our daily lives. Throughout history, farmers lived closely with the land and built traditions and technology that helped them respond to weather extremes. There will be plenty of crafts, games, and hands-on activities and demonstrations to keep all hands and minds buys and engaged! Join educators from The Conservation Foundation and the Kendall County Outdoor Education Center as well as daily guests from the Dickson-Murst Farm Partners, Kendall County Ag in the Classroom, and others for a truly unique camp experience:   looking through a farming lens to learn from the past and improve and protect what we hold dear into the future.  


  • Use old fashioned weather instruments and create your own
  • Learn how farmers protected their buildings and crops from weather extremes
  • Farm Camp traditions that highlight our rural heritage 
  • Plant a garden bed
  • Start a mushroom log
  • Heritage craft
  • Old fashioned games
  • Flag etiquette
  • Wood shop
  • Music
  • Square dancing
  • Butter making
  • Farm animal interaction

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel, you must do so at least 14 days before the first day of camp to receive a refund. We will then refund your registration fee minus a $25 processing fee within 30 days. Cancellations made less than 14 days before the first day of camp are not eligible for refunds.