50 Things You Can Do to Address Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently released its latest report, issuing a “code red for humanity” by their own description. For the past 50 years, The Conservation Foundation, through preserving and restoring natural lands, has been helping mitigate the negative impacts of climate change locally.


What about climate adaptation? We are too late to abate all the negative consequences of a warming planet. No matter how fast we turn the wheel, this ship is going to hit a bit of the iceberg ahead. But, the work we do at The Conservation Foundation has the added benefit of making our communities more resilient and able to absorb and adapt to these impacts.


But what can the average person do? Climate change might seem like a problem too large for you as an individual to make any significant difference. But in truth, all of our individual efforts combine to make a HUGE collective difference, and they are a vital piece of a global mitigation strategy. We each must do our part!


This year, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’ll be sharing one tip each week on what we all can do to address the climate crisis, and by the end of the year we’ll have 50+ tips put together that we each can put into practice. Visit this page weekly for a fresh tip to be part of the solution to climate change!


Climate Change Tip #1 – Education: Let’s start with the basics! Do you remember learning about the greenhouse effect in science class? If that was a long time ago, we’ve got you. Here’s a great article to refresh your memory and grasp the fundamentals of why the planet is getting warmer and the impact that has.


Climate Change Tip #2 – Education: We talk a lot about reducing our climate footprint. But how do you know how big your footprint is right now? Get a baseline by taking this quiz. It will show you how many Earths it would require if everyone on Earth lived like you. Spoiler – it probably won’t be good, but don’t be discouraged! We’ve got some solutions, and we’re posting them every week. 😃


Climate Change Tip #3 – Food Security: Support your local farmer – the shorter the distance your food has to travel, the less energy consumed before it gets to you. Look no further than our Green Earth Harvest CSA program for fresh, organic produce right in your neighborhood! A few spring shares are still available, claim yours today!


Shorten Your Food Chain Infographic


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