Steve Stawarz

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Artificial Intelligence and Conservation

The use of ‘innovation’ and ‘technical transformation’ to deal with climate change has recently gotten a lot of mindshare. These solutions are physical, using something like hydro-panels. They are also

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Conservation In the ‘Burbs

  So, one day I asked myself what more I can do for conservation, especially as a suburbanite who doesn’t have a few thousand acres to donate. Well, here are

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Flora and Fauna of Illinois, Lake Forest Library

The More, The Merrier

The More, The Merrier Conservation, Diversity, and The Law of Dependence   Along with inspiring us to make wonderful tapestries, conservation also protects a greater diversity of species – while

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Zen and Conservation

One is All.  All is One.  Very Zen, right?  Well, very Conservation too.  In this blog, we will explore how Zen is relevant to conservation and can even inspire conservation

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