Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

We improve the health of our communities by preserving and restoring natural areas and open space, protecting rivers and watersheds, and promoting stewardship of our environment.

We envision a region where through education and collaboration:

  • Protected natural areas provide habitats for wildlife and places where people can enjoy nature forever.
  • Public and private partnerships accelerate the pace of land preservation for the enrichment of all.
  • People benefit from and enjoy clean and healthy streams, wetlands and lakes.
  • All land development incorporates stewardship of the environment.
  • People understand and embrace conservation issues, and act to preserve the environment.
  • The Conservation Foundation is a recognized expert and reasoned voice on these conservation issues, and with the help of its members and donors, provides the leadership required to achieve this vision.

Our Strategic Focus

Over the next five years, The Conservation Foundation will increase its efforts
to transition to a more community-based, grass-roots conservation organization with impactful on-the-ground programs and projects tailored to the needs of each of the four core counties we serve. This strategic approach will achieve:  

  • Deeper mission impact in our communities
  • A consistent and expected presence in our communities
  • Meaningful and long-lasting relationships with communities and individuals
  • A more engaged (grass-roots) community in local conservation
  • Broader community support for TCF and for local conservation programs
  • Enlightened communities where conservation is encouraged and is a core value
Click here to see the 5-year Strategic Plan that is our roadmap to making deeper impact in your neighborhood over the next several years.