Fox River Education & Outreach Initiative
Fox River Education & Outreach Initiative

Whether you spent your childhood along its banks, enjoy fishing its currents, live near it, or just appreciate the view as you drive over it, if you love the Fox River, you have found kindred spirits in The Conservation Foundation and the Hamill Family Foundation

The siblings who make up the Hamill Family Foundation love the Fox River so much that they have funded The Conservation Foundation’s new Fox River Education & Outreach Initiative to thrust the river into the spotlight of the communities it runs through.  The main goal of the Fox River Initiative is to instill in watershed residents that same love and respect for the Fox River ecosystem and the many values – cultural, social, economic and ecological – that it provides.

The Fox River Initiative is a 5-year education and outreach program focused in Kane, Kendall and LaSalle counties with three key pillars:

>Broad-Based Public Education

>Conservation In Our Community

>Art of the Fox

As part of Art of the Fox, our Artist-In-Residence Joel Sheesley has created 72 original Fox River landscape paintings.  Selected paintings from this body of work will be on display in several Fox Valley locations in the coming year.  The original paintings are for sale, as well as a selection of limited-edition high quality prints signed by the artist and a book of Joel's paintings and writings from the field.

Upcoming Fox River Testimony Painting Exhibits

February 1 to May 24          Geneva History Museum, Geneva

April 13 to May 13                Little White School Museum, Oswego

June 7th to July 7th            Jeremiah Joe's Coffee, Ottawa


Over the next five years, we will be addressing the health of the Fox River in a variety of ways, from educating schoolchildren and scouts, providing community workshops on sustainable landscaping practices, wildlife and other relevant topics, helping community leaders craft their ordinances and community management policies with the health of the river in mind to capturing the beauty of the Fox on canvas and encouraging the public to interact with the river that defines our communities. 

Visit our website often to see how you can get involved and show the mighty Fox River some love!

Trish Beckjord is Program Manager for the Fox River Initiative.  Feel free to contact her at any time with questions and ideas!  She can be reached at 630-428-4500, Ext. 206 or by email.