Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting

Objective: Demonstrate a new stormwater best management practice by directing 100% of all rainwater from the barn roof into the 25,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system to be used to irrigate organic vegetables.

Aquascape Designs of St. Charles installed a 25,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system between the main barn and the granary. This sytem is one of the largest in the Chicagoland area. After the installation of new recycled metal roofs on our barns, 100% of their rainwater runoff was directed into this rainwater harvesting system to be used by the Green Earth Institute, an organic farming operation that leases McDonald Farm's fields, to irrigate their organic vegetables.

Aquascape Designs' Rain xChange
Rainwater Harvesting System Illustration

Aquascape, the industry leader in rainwater harvesting, had already installed a 750 gallon system next to our office to demonstrate a small-scale rainwater harvesting system appropriate for residential use, and now this larger system is an example of how rainwater harvesting can be utilized in commercial and agricultural settings as an urban stormwater best management practice. Two pumps are required, one for circulation to keep the water from becoming stagnant, and one for the irrigation of the organic vegetable crops.