McDonald Farm
McDonald Farm


Headquarters of The Conservation Foundation and Main Offices

Lenore McDonald’s donation of the 60-acre McDonald Farm in 1992 was a transformative gift for The Conservation Foundation, and also for Lenore herself. She found great peace in knowing her beloved farm would be protected from the developers who knocked daily at her door, and would be used to carry on the causes of agriculture, conservation and education that were dear to her heart. 

Lenore’s story is incredibly remarkable and inspiring (click here to read more), but the history of McDonald Farm long precedes the wiry, spunky woman who left such a legacy.

For 15 years, the Green Earth Institute leased McDonald Farm's tillable acreage for their Community Supported Agriculture program.  That partnership culminated in the 2018 merger of the two organizations, in which the Green Earth Institute became a major program of The Conservation Foundation.

The McDonald Farm is also home to another nonprofit, the Resiliency Institute


Jason and David Rubenstein were kind enough to put together this aerial video tour of our beautiful McDonald Farm.  Thanks to both of them!