Dayton Bluffs Geology and Ravine Hike

Join The Conservation Foundation’s President/CEO Brook McDonald on a vigorous 2-mile hike at the Dayton Bluffs Preserve and down a scenic ravine to learn about the site’s geology on Saturday, March 2nd, 9am to Noon at our Dayton Bluffs Preserve near Ottawa.

We will walk through hundreds of millions of years of Earth’s history learning about shale, limestone, coal and sandstone - all sedimentary rock layers from the Paleozoic Era, 250 to 550 million years ago. We will end at the Fox River and then hike back up a steep hill and past 1,000-year-old Native American burial mounds to get back to the current year 2019.
The event is free, but is limited to only 20 people
as this is a very difficult walk up and down hills and along a slippery creek through the ravine. 

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